Rent of PVC halls 

Our products

Our rental park has a number of different solutions that can be rented for your site, function or event. If you are looking for a special solution, but are unable to find it in our product range, contact us and we will work together with your to find the most suitable solution.

We offer PVC halls and tents of various sizes for rent and sale. The halls are quick to erect and weatherproof, allowing the company to quickly expand its production or sales activities.

A PVC hall is the most inexpensive and fastest way to create additional space for your company. PVC halls are intended for the storage of materials and tools, but also for the storage and presentation of machinery and equipment, for example. Engineering work and the selection of suitable materials gives the hangar a service life of many years, specifically in the climate conditions found in Estonia.

UC Rent offers an inexpensive and quick opportunity to expand your storage or production area.


  • One-quarter of the construction costs of a conventional building

Formed aluminium section technology provides the structure of the building with many years of stability and the required durability parameters (wind and snow loads) at very affordable costs.

  • Extraordinary durability

Solid structures with a length of up to 50 m and stability that is comparable to a hall built using traditional technology.

  • Quick installation, even in 1 day!

We install standard modular halls and pavilions in 20 minutes, warehouses with an area of 1,000 m2 in 2–3 days.

  • Mobility of the structure
  • Possibility of adaptation and extension

The modular system of the structure allows for easy connection of modular halls, including into buildings with floors and the addition of new modules to them.